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Partners in AI introduces PAItello: Your Personal Assistant for Work and Learning

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We, along with Embla Bouma, Vivian Heijnen, and Jos Arets, are thrilled to launch Partners in AI. With our groundbreaking AI platform, PAItello, we're set to radically accelerate and enhance work and learning in organizations. PAItello, as an innovative personal assistant, makes work more efficient, effective, and enjoyable for employees.

PAItello utilizes OpenAI's advanced language processing technology, setting itself apart from ChatGPT by offering a comprehensive AI platform trained on an organization's knowledge sources. All knowledge that the organization possesses (the collective intelligence) can be added to PAItello. This creates a reliable and validated knowledge environment, allowing all employees within the organization to safely utilize advanced AI functionality. In this way, PAItello supports employees in carrying out tasks according to the organization's standards.

But PAItello goes beyond. This AI assistant functions as a personal trainer or coach, making personalized learning accessible for every employee. PAItello supports employees in their field, for example in stress management, vitality, and personal development.

PAItello provides solutions for organizations in various situations, including labor market shortages, the ambition to be an attractive employer, shortage of (specialized) manpower, preventing too high workloads, making all available knowledge and expertise accessible 24/7, and developing a virtual helpdesk.

Moreover, PAItello enables the development of super-experts by combining expertise from different fields. This ensures that employees can benefit from the knowledge of the top-performing individuals and experts within the organization.

With the introduction of PAItello, Partners in AI takes a significant step towards realizing its mission: amplifying both people and organizations. Partners in AI fully guides companies in mapping their knowledge infrastructure to identify the correct validated knowledge sources for PAItello. Thanks to this company-specific approach, PAItello can seamlessly align with the unique needs of every company and industry.

For more information about PAItello and Partners in AI's unique approach, visit and

Finally, we're excited to announce that we are also open for Business Partners (B2B). We look forward to joining hands and driving the future of work and learning together: Business Partners

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