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Facility services

Cleaning is a profession where hard work and time pressure are commonplace. Unfortunately, it's often underappreciated work, making it difficult to recruit cleaners.

We see a high degree of diversity in the cleaning industry

and multilingualism is more the rule than the exception. 

Not only is multilingualism a challenge, but so too is the frequent change in

cleaning materials, cleaning methods, and protection for cleaners. 

Technology to
support cleaners

PAItello is the personal (AI) assistant for cleaners.

With PAItello, the language barrier is relatively simple to overcome.

As a result, it promotes better teamwork, as communication too often becomes complex due to language barriers. 

Benefits of PAItello for cleaners include:  

  • No more searching for cleaning supplies and how to use them. PAItello provides quick answers.  

  • Need instruction on how to clean? Ask PAItello, and you'll get step-by-step guidance.  

  • Need to translate something? Do it quickly and easily with PAItello.  

  • Are you worried about money? Ask PAItello to help you with budgeting. Want to develop yourself? PAItello also supports both work and learning from it. 

Ramen wassen

It feels like I'm
understood and supported

PAItello is your personal assistant, taking over difficult or time consuming tasks such as translation, sending an email or verifying the steps necessary to complete a specific task. PAItello gets to know you better over time and helps you work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, while learning from it.

Cxperiences of cleaners with PAItello:

  • "Now I don't need to ask anyone about a cleaning product. I can just ask PAItello, even 10 times in a row, without feeling stupid. Because of PAItello, I now work with more confidence."  

  • "Due to the language barrier, I often felt alone at work. Now I can communicate, and it significantly increases my job satisfaction!"  

  • "How is this possible? I hardly ever write emails and with just a few words, an email comes out!" 

  • "I also use PAItello to learn. My Dutch is poor and so is my English. Now I'm using PAItello to learn English. with this, not only can I get by in the Netherlands, but in many other countries as well." 

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