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Labor market scarcity
results in extreme workload

Achieving more with less manpower! 

Provide each employee with personal assistant PAItello

The labor market scarcity and high workload pose a growing problem.

Employers are faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining qualified personnel. This leads to prolonged job vacancies and overburdening of existing employees.

Now is the time to address the experienced workload with innovative solutions. The question at hand is how to accomplish more with fewer people.


Searching for information is time-consuming

Approximately 25% of work time is spent searching for information to work according to the organization's standards.

With PAItello, you don't search anymore, you simply ask for what you need. All information at your fingertips within seconds. 


Helping one another consumes time for both

A significant portion of time is wasted either due to inadequate personal knowledge or colleagues lacking sufficient knowledge. When colleagues ask each other for assistance, it results in two individuals being delayed in their work. 

With PAItello, no matter where you are or what time of day, you have a digital colleague in your hand who knows EVERYTHING.

Furthermore, it can assist ALL colleagues simultaneously. 


There is a shortage of personnel to carry out the work

When the work has to be done with too few people, a predictably high workload ensues.

Because PAItello can quickly and directly provide the right guidance, offer advice, and even assist with administrative burdens, less people can accomplish more work.


Limited growth opportunities

If all efforts are focused on carrying out daily tasks, employees are left with no time to dedicate to their own personal development.

With the PAItello mentor, individuals can receive targeted coaching, learn, be inspired, and rewarded in a personalized manner.

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