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PAItello is much more than an ordinary corporate chatbot.

It is a personalized AI mentor that coaches each employee individually.

PAItello has access to bespoke content within the organization. As a result, information is

not contaminated with incorrect knowledge from the internet.

All knowledge is available within seconds.

PAItello offers various conversation types based on AI.

corporate ai chatbot

AI Chat

PAItello is an advanced chatbot for businesses. chatting is likely the most well-known and commonly used function.

You can have a real conversation with PAItello, just like ChatGPT. The knowledge and thus the topics that PAItello can engage in are determined in consultation. At all times it only concerns validated knowledge and information.

The chat function is designed to provide

concise and powerful responses.

adaptive learning

AI Trainer

The trainer function automatically helps you acquire more knowledge about a subject.

PAItello can be configured as an adaptive learning tool to obtain and maintain important knowledge and competencies up-to-date.

This ensures that you always have the necessary knowledge to do you job in the best possible way.

Learning & development departments can maximize the possibilities by providing employees with tailored training.

step by step guidance

AI Instructions

Ask PAItello Instructions on how to perform a specific task, and you will receive a response composed of clear steps. It is ideal for guiding you step by step through a business application or a business process. It is also valuable when performing physical tasks such as providing care, working with a specific device,

or requesting leave.


AI Question & Answer

Ask PAItello Question & Answer a specific question, and you will receive slightly more information compared to the Chat, providing concise answers. This type assumes that you want to know a bit more about the matter.

If you desire even more background information on the topic, direct your question to

the Insights type."


AI Insights

PAItello Insights is like a wikipedia. it provides you with all the information it has on the requested topic.  if you ask a follow-up question, it treats the follow-up question as a separate query.

The main difference from the chat is that in a chat, the conversation always builds upon the previous questions and answers.


AI Text writing

PAItello can assist in writing various types of texts, including emails and reports. As PAItello acquires more company-specific knowledge, it becomes capable of generating more substantive and detailed content. PAItello can be trained to produce the desired output.

Together, we will determine your preferences, establish clear objectives, and explore the wide array of possibilities at hand.

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