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Nursing homes, care homes,
and home care –
in the Netherlands 

This part of the Dutch healthcare sector employs approximately 500.000 professionals across a wide range of roles - from activity coordinators to occupational therapists,

from assistants till nurses.

Care professionals have a demanding job. Nearly half (41%) report a high workload due to lack of time and work-life balance. Fortunately, healthcare professionals are passionate about their work (80%) and continue to work in this sector.

Technology can help reduce the workload

PAItello is a personal (AI) assistant for healthcare professionals. Ask PAItello anything, and you will receive an immediate response 24/7. PAItello is never tired, sick or in a bad mood, and never takes a vacation. In practice, PAItello works for and with you.

PAItello eases your work by:

  • Eliminating the need for searching for information. through one or a few questions, you get the information you need to work.

  • Composing emails based on a few keywords. think of an email to a caregiver, colleague, team, or supervisor.

  • Providing step-by-step support for tasks or conversations.

  • Brainstorming solutions to problems.

  • Writing short blogs, pieces for the team, brief client, and caregiver education, and so on.

  • Translating text and speech.

  • Giving you tips, such as how to deal more effectively with stress, etc. PAItello understands you faster over time.

Image by David Mao

PAItello understands you faster every time

PAItello reduces the workload and gradually becomes your personal assistant, who gets to know and support you better to make working and learning from it more enjoyable, efficient, and effective.


Feedback from healthcare professionals using PAItello:

  • "I am totally thrilled with Paitello! It seems like PAItello understands me better and faster."

  • "No more searching for important information for me!"

  • "My self-confidence is growing because I don't write easily and Paitello has solved that problem."

  • "Super that I can quickly translate a text, which makes contact with the client and the family much better."

  • "I no longer have to google for support to work. Super!"

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